Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Motor Vehicle Mechanics Department holds a vision to support the industrialization of Tanzania by producing well theoretically and practically trained artisans. The department provides training through competent and experienced staff of vocational teachers and artisans, using modern tools and equipment found at the department workshop. Combined, the staff and sufficient tools and equipment are the keys towards achieving the department’s vision.

In addition to Technical Skills training, the department also offers driving courses to both college students and non-students in need of the training. The driving course offered by the department lasts for 6 weeks. Upon completion of the course, qualified learners will be offered a Don Bosco Driving School certificate. Along with receiving the certificate, they will also be eligible to receive the driving license class they have been trained for.

The Training lasts for three years, after which the students are ready and well equipped in the areas of training highlighted above. Then, they conclude the program with the following exams and corresponding certificates.
– VETA Exams for level I,II,III
– Don Bosco Technical Institute Certificate

The training ends with a compulsory four months industrial attachment that must be done in companies within three year of the training course in line with VETA system. Without the industrial attachment, the training is not completed. At the completion of the industrial attachment and VETA exams, all the students who meet the requirements for graduation will graduate with VC II and VC III VETA Certificate. All the students who attend the three years course will be awarded with Don Bosco Technical Institute Certificate of Attendance. Every year we take up to 40 students.