Launching AITEC at Don Dosco Technical Institute Dodoma

On Earth Day 2021, AITeC-Dodoma at Don Bosco hosted Honorable Guests including Dodoma Regional Commissioner Binilith S. Mahenge, PhD. and H. E. Oded Joseph, the Ambassador of Israel to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Seychelles. The main purpose of the festival was to launch AITEC AT Don Bosco Technical Institute Dodoma.

AITeC-Dodoma includes Israeli agricultural training, demonstration and research site at Don Bosco Dodoma, Tanzania equipped with Israeli technology and with Israeli experts on the ground.
AITeC-Dodoma aims to transform Tanzania's agricultural sector and contribute to the eradication of thirst, hunger and poverty and enhance nutrition. By developing skilled, professional agricultural experts, AITeC-Dodoma provides a source of agricultural know-how and extension services to farmers throughout the country.

AITeC is the much needed Fulcrum of change for Africa's agriculture. It's Revolutionary.
What is so unique, in addition to the 'learning' component, AITeC includes the establishment of income generating activities that aim for self-sustainability and employment opportunities to promote value chain development and the establishment of commercial farms.