DonBosco Annual Exhibition

Annual Dodoma Exhibition took place from 3rd to 8th November 2019 at Donbosco VTC grounds in Miyuji Dodoma

The program went hand to hand with youth Animations Programs week whereby youth in the community got an opportunity to showcase their talents and compete in different activities and sports. The event attracted over 100 both parents and visitors from different Companies and Organization who took the opportunity to visit the showcasing of Products Manufactured by The Donbosco Workshops here in Dodoma and also viewed prepared presentation to create awareness of the Donbosco Community and services provided by Donbosco to the visitors and society.


Exhibitions serve as an influential platform for companies, professionals and industry experts to share information, vision and long lasting business relationship. In Established economy exhibitions are a vital part of products marketing along with direct selling, advertising and serves as stimulus for the organization development. Donbosco uses exhibitions for:

  • Direct contact with buyers and sellers and other services users
  • Showcasing products and services to a highly targeted audience
  • Effectively establishing and maintaining relationship with customers
  • Networking
  • We Believe Exhibition takes our brand to a new level and give it a great outlook, It becomes difficult to connect with a large number of audience when showcasing products
    or services but with this platform it becomes an easy affair as we are able to engage
    people and influence them to be our first buyers.


The event attracted over 100 both parents and visitors from different companies and organizations who took the opportunity to visit the showcasing of our Products (See Annex 2) and services offered by the salesians community here in Donbosco Dodoma. Most visitors were so interested and amused by the products and services, they had a chance to meet the experts for Q&A in the workshops and they were given all the information necessary regarding our products.

Donbosco received good comments from visitors and mostly they were happy and certified with the quality of our products comparing to our competitors out there and they gave out good recommendations on how to improve certain products in future.

Our guests also had an opportunity to witness youth Animations programs which was running along with the exhibition and they were so interested to witness such energy and zeal from the young people who were competing their heart out.


  • The comments gathered from this exhibition were informative in understanding how the visitors understand Donbosco and the services we provide in the community. Most of the comments revealed the emotional experience visitors had as they took in the exhibition, this comments were made through direct comment and in the visitor’s book as they left the exhibition
  • “Donbosco is doing a great job and we hardly had an idea of what is going on here”
  • “Your products are of high quality comparing to other brands out there”
  • “You have a very good environment and
    machines for learning, unbelievable”