Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center, AITeC-Dodoma

AITEC Farms are implemented through a consortium of organizations that fit agri-tech solutions to the specific locality.

AITeC-Dodoma includes Israeli agricultural training, demonstration and research site at Don Bosco Dodoma, Tanzania equipped with Israeli technology and with Israeli experts on the ground.
AITeC-Dodoma aims to transform Tanzania's agricultural sector and contribute to the eradication of thirst, hunger and poverty and enhance nutrition. By developing skilled, professional agricultural experts, AITeC-Dodoma provides a source of agricultural know-how and extension services to farmers throughout the country.

AITEC shares multi-faceted, extensive training in field implementation, skills development and applied knowledge. AITEC Farms emphasize the need to develop a knowledge base where technology is accompanied by professional development.
AITEC Farms combine agricultural training, demonstration and research with commercial oriented production, cultivating a new generation of agronomists and experts.